Electricity — Electric Circuit and Circuit Diagram ( Part 2 )

Electric Circuit

OPEN Circuit / Switch OFF

CLOSED Circuit / Switch ON

Electric Symbols / Circuit Symbols

Circuit Diagram

Electric Symbols

Electric Cell

Symbol for Cell


Symbol for Battery of Two Cells

Connecting Wire

Symbol for Connected Wire

Resistance ( Resistor )

Symbol for Fixed Resistance ( Resistor )

Variable Resistance ( Rheostat )

Symbol for Variable Resistance ( Rheostat )


Symbol for Ammeter
Ammeter is always connected in Series


Symbol for Voltmeter
Voltmeter V is connected in Parallel
Symbol for Voltmeter


Symbols for Galvanometer

Electric Switch

Symbol for Open Switch ( OFF) / Closed Switch ( ON )
Open Switch / Switch OFF ( Circuit is OPEN )
Closed Switch / Switch ON ( Circuit is CLOSED )

Electric Bulb

Symbol for Electric Bulb

Ohm’s Law



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